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Donald Trump said his wife thinks he's more attractive than JFK!

Donald Trump said his wife thinks he's more attractive than JFK!
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It was Saturday, October 17, during a rally in Janesville, Wisconsin, that President Donald Trump delivered a fiery speech against his rival Joe Biden, while throwing himself some flowers about his looks.

It was after questioning his audience about his potential as a seducer that he said he had already questioned his wife on this subject. According to what the president explained, he would have already asked his wife: "I said, first lady, am I the most handsome president ever?", An answer to which Melania Trump would have answered "Yes, absolutely."

But President Trump did not stop there, adding immediately afterwards that after asking his wife which other president could have surpassed him, she would have replied: "Well, JFK was good looking, but nothing like you. Nothing like you, darling.'"

Obviously, many media dispute the authenticity of this story, and this, taking for granted that it would not be the first time that the president has staged one of his fabulations, especially since the main one interested was not even around to confirm or deny this anecdote.

Since receiving a positive diagnosis for COVID-19, Melania Trump has managed to recover from the new coronavirus, but she has been very discreet when it comes to public appearances. According to what her entourage revealed, as she is very concerned about the current COVID-19 crisis an prefers to be a little more selective about the events in which she is participating.

While President Trump has made numerous statements questioning the relevance of measures aimed at curbing the spread of COVID-19, Melania Trump has repeatedly insisted on the importance of barrier gestures and to scrupulously respect the imposed quarantine. 

Now the real questions is, do you agree with the First Lady? Who was the most "handsome" US President according to you?

Source: Gala · Photo Credit: Facebook

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