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Dustproof recipe thanks to which you will not have to dust for a long time

Dustproof recipe thanks to which you will not have to dust for a long time
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You might have dusted the whole house today, you just know that tomorrow already you'll see new dust on the furniture. It's a bit discouraging!

What if I told you that with a homemade blend of natural ingredients, not only will you remove dust more effectively, but also, that the dust will not come back as fast?

You will need 4 tablespoons white vinegar2 tablespoons olive oil10 drops of lemongrass essential oil and ½ cup of water. You can also use lemon, lavender, cinnamon or orange essential oil. Essential oils are there for their antibacterial properties and their good smell!

In a small spray bottle, mix the ingredients and shake well.

Do not worry about putting olive oil in the dust spray: it will not leave a greasy film on your surfaces.

You simply have to spray the mixture on the surface you are dusting or on a cloth with which you will wipe the surface to remove all the dust at once. It is the mixture of these ingredients that helps to repel dust and makes it adhere less to your furniture.

It will not prevent you from having to dust from time to time, but much less often, that's for sure!

** Remember to shake the bottle well before each use because the oil will separate from the water.

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