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Every women should know these 10 hacks when it comes time to shave their legs.

Every women should know these 10 hacks when it comes time to shave their legs.
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Many women choose a disposable razor to shave their legs: this is clearly the fastest method!

But shaving legs with a razor increase the risk of cuts, irritations, ingrown hairs, etc.

Here are the best tips to shave your legs as smooth as possible.

Clean the razor. Baby oil will help preserve your razor longer. Lightly rub the blades of the razor with a cloth and baby oil.

After the shower. The hot water of the shower opens the pores of the skin and tighten the follicles. The best is to shave after the shower and not before.

Shave the day before. According to beauty experts, the best time to shave your legs is actually at night before bed. The skin will have time to recover and will be less irritated if you expose yourself to the sun!

Exfoliate the skin. The skin should always be exfoliated before shaving because the exfoliant removes dead skins, which makes shaving softer for the skin. Caution: Do not exfoliate after shaving, your skin is too sensitive and irritated.

Bend your knees. The best way to have a clean shaving is to shave to the knees. But as the knee is not easy to shave, sit down and bend your knees when you shave.

Start at the bottom. Most women already know this advice, but it's always good to remember it! Shaving should always be done in the opposite direction to the hair growth. So start from the bottom of the leg to the knee, shaving will be more effective and less irritating to the skin.

Dry shaving. To avoid cuts, irritations, dry skin and subsequent itching, never dry shaving!

Hair conditioner. Instead of buying shaving cream, use a hair conditioner: you just need a small amount of product and it lets the skin soft!

Olive oil. Yes, we really recommend you to apply olive oil on your legs before shaving! Olive oil will make your skin smooth and easier to shave without irritation.

No towel. After shaving, avoid wiping your legs with a towel. You can tap the legs to remove water, but a moisturizing cream applied to the moist skin will help to keep your legs soft after shaving.

If despite all these tips your skin is irritated after shaving, apply a compress of cold water to the irritated areas. The cold will help to calm the burning sensation. Also apply a moisturizing cream as soon as you can without increasing the sensation of heating.

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