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Everything you need to know about babies born in the sign of Libra.

Everything you need to know about babies born in the sign of Libra.
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If your baby was born between September 23 and October 22, their astrological sign is Libra. From incredibly social to musically gifted, these fall babies are truly special. Find out why below! 

1. Libras can be indecisive

Libras are known for weighing all possibilities. Your little baby will therefore be slow in choosing whether he/she wants carrots or apples - he/she knows they are both great, so how can he/she choose at all? Be supportive of their indecision. Yes, they may need more time to make a decision, but they will know they is doing the right thing only if you don’t rush them.

2. They are happy babies 

Libra babies love to be the center of attention. With an innate sense of humor and a desire to be social, Libra’s dazzling personality will make your toddler a fun kid that everyone will want to be around. Your job as a Libra parent is to help them understand when to master their character.  Although there’s nothing wrong with being the center of attention, sometimes they need to step off the throne and leave the place to other kids.

3. They are peacemakers 

Your little Libra is a born diplomat. Their ability to weigh both sides of an argument without choosing a favorite makes them the perfect peacemaker in the courtroom. Because they are so easily able to spot right and wrong, your little libra will also recognize the occasional quarrel between the spouses so pay special attention to them if you get in an argument with your spouse! Be sure to let them know that everything is fine!

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4. Music is in their souls

Libras tend to feel music more than others, so if you find a genre your toddler seems to enjoy more, don't be scared to turn the volume up and have a dance party! As they get older, they will probably show interest in an instrument (or more, because they are hesitant), so help nurture their interest by enthusiastically listening to their musical attempts, no matter how painful it may have been for your ear. 

5. Time management is a problem for them

They are not lazy or rude, but they love to play and socialize with others so much that time passes, and they do not notice it! Libras tend not to realize exactly how long it takes to do something. Therefore, help them with this from the early days. Show them how to be on time with leading by example!

6. They love socializing 

At the root of Libra's sociability and great conversation skills is the fact that they just don't want to be alone! They would much rather do anything than play alone. So, do what you can to help them socialize - take your Libra to the park or sign them up for a dance or some sports activity. Also, have time to talk about the dangers of approaching strangers because sometimes their desire to socialize and communicate can take them in wrong directions.

7. They are great interlocutors 

Part of why Libra babies are such social people is their need for verbal communication. A child born in the sign of Libra will be delighted to watch you shape sounds and words and will quickly develop the gift of speech. As they get older, you will notice that they talk more and more and that it is difficult to stop them! Conversations are what help them shape their ideas and find their way, so never silence them. And the best way to show them that you care about them is to have a good conversation.

What sign is your baby? If they are Libras, do you recognize any of their trait in this article? 

Source: Miss Mama · Photo Credit: Adobe Stock

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