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Fecal matter from your dirty underwear can still be hiding in your fresh laundry!

Fecal matter from your dirty underwear can still be hiding in your fresh laundry!
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Microbiologist has found that bacteria, such as E.coli, can survive the average laundry cycle. That also means that fecal matter (excrements) that was on your dirty underwear can be hiding in your fresh laundry! 

Dr. Charles Gerba is a renowned germ researcher and professor of microbiology at the University of Arizona told that the average adult underwear contains tenth of a gram of fecal matter. By his estimations, a week's worth of dirty adults undergarments is equivalent to a peanut-sized of fecal matter! 

Dirty underwear and jeans are prone to collect bacteria, but the worse are hand towels who tested over 80% positive of containing fecal bacteria! Dr. Gerber explains that: 

“They are thick, they stay moist, and allow bacteria to grow,” he said. “You would get more fecal bacteria from wiping your face on a towel than you would sticking your head in the toilet, from what we’ve gathered.”

The main problem seems to be that the detergents are getting milder and milder and people are using cold water during the laundry cycle. That is why Dr. Gerba suggests to do a rinse of hot water with bleach inside your washing machine once a week to reduce the spread of germs. It may be a good idea to leave the load of dirty underwear last when doing the laundry. 

To learn more, watch the news channel report below. 

Dr. Gerba recommends that the best way to avoid spreading germs is to wash your hands thoroughly after sorting laundry.

Will you be looking at your dirty laundry pile the same way? 

Source: CTV News · Photo Credit: Adobe Stock

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