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First Lady Jill Biden decorated the White House for Valentine's Day!

First Lady Jill Biden decorated the White House for Valentine's Day!
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Did you know that the new First Lady Jill Biden's favourite day is Valentine's Day? According to President Biden, " Valentine's is Jill's "favorite day, for real". 

In 2009, she painted hearts on windows in the White House vice president's office saying " Joe loves Jill". "None of them said 'Jill loves Joe,' they said 'Joe loves Jill' in every one," said the President, but he wasn't surprised as "Everyone knows I love her more than she loves me."

This year, the First Lady put giant cutout hearts with the words "healing," "compassion," "love," and "unity" on the North Lawn. She said that they are Valentine messages to the country and a memory to "back to the days of sharing candy hearts between friends and family,"  said her office in a  statement

"As you may know, the First Lady is known for her sense of humor, love of surprises, and celebrating traditions, especially with her family," her office said in a statement. "Valentine's Day has always been one of her favorite holidays. Sending messages of healing, unity, hope and compassion, this is her Valentine to the country."

"I just wanted some joy," Jill told reporters. "With the pandemic — everybody's feeling a little down, so it's just a little joy, a little hope, that's all."

Are you celebrating Valentine's Day this year?

Source: Insider · Photo Credit: Instagram @Flotus

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