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For Valentine's Day, give your kids an “attack of hearts”.

For Valentine's Day, give your kids an “attack of hearts”.
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Valentine's Day is coming again in a few days. Many couples will celebrate it, but love takes different forms! So parents may also want to emphasize how they feel about their offspring. Especially after this year of pandemic which was difficult for everyone, including the little ones. 

To say "I love you", you don't need to buy all the chocolates and stuffed animals in stores.

What if we made some kind of "Advent calendar" this year, but for Valentine's Day?

Each morning, the little ones will be able to start their day with one more caress in their hearts and a humbled self-esteem.

We suggest this activity for children, but we can just as easily do it for a spouse or a parent who lives with you!

Simply draw hearts of various sizes in paper and cut them out. Or, you can even print templates that you can find here.

Then, you just have to let your love speak and write sweet, rewarding, words on the hearts, which you will stick on the door of the child's room or in a common room, at the rate of one heart a day.


Smile guaranteed every morning!

Your heart is overflowing with beautiful feelings and pride for your child; let your emotions speak! The more personal the message, the more the kids will love it!

You can also opt for the classics: 

"I am proud of you", "You are a sun in my life", "I love you", "I will always be there for you" , etc.


Nothing prevents you from offering a few chocolates, a bunch of balloons or a soft plush toy on Valentine's Day. But know that what will stay in the minds of your children the longest will be the time devoted to delivering them your sweet notes. 

Are you interested in the idea? Prepare your hearts and start your loving attack on February 1st!

Happy Valentine's day!

Source: Skip To My Lou · Photo Credit: Pinterest

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