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Frozen water beads: a fun activity for this summer

Frozen water beads: a fun activity for this summer
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You have probably seen in the shops, supermarkets, or even in the Dollar stores, small silicone beads of various colors, and you wondered what were they used for?

Well, these water beads are usually used by florists to make floral arrangements. But since a few years, we find a lot of original tutorials to use these famous water beads. And today, we present you, one of the most popular thing to do with these water beads, that you can find in different colors.

We suggest you to make it a fun activity with children. Frozen water beads ! A perfect activity for the summer !

This activity is so popular that it is in all famous kids blogs! This activity is a real success !

It's unanimous! Kids love to touch the ice, frozen water beads and above all! Watch the beads changing colors as the ice melts! Because at the very beginning, everything is almost white. But with the contact of the warm hands of the children, the water and the paintbrushes, the children will be able to see that the color of the beads is changing.

You will need :

- Shallow plastic/glass bowls

- Water beads for floral arrangement

- Water

- A tray

- Paintbrushes

How to do:

1) Add 1 single layer of water beads in shallow containers

2) Add water in the shallow containers

3) Allow to freeze several hours or overnight. The ice that covers the water beads must be white so that the activity is fun and the children can appreciate the change of color.

4) Give the bowls filled with frozen water beads to children, with bowls of water and large paintbrushes on a big tray or on a small children's picnic table.

5) And let them have fun touching the water, the ice and find that the heat of their body will melt the ice and that the water at room temperature will also melt the ice

A perfect sensory experience for the summer!

On video: 

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Source: YouTube Amy Louise · Photo Credit: YouTube Amy Louise

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