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Fun Winter DIY : Fake Homemade Snow

Fun Winter DIY : Fake Homemade Snow
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Snow is really beautiful; all sparkly and white! But it can be too cold to play outside for too long. Fortunately, you can take inspiration from the white carpet that you see from your window and play in the house, in pajamas, without having to face a storm or below zero temperature! 

And if create DIY snow in the house it will not even melt! It is ideal for decorating or for playing. Children and adults will love making snowmen and white mountains in the comfort of their own home!

It's easy to do, so why not try it?


  • A bowl
  • Baking soda
  • White conditioner (hair conditional)


  1. Mix 3 cups (750 g) of baking soda with 1/2 cup (250 mL) of conditioner.
  2. Mix by hand.
  3. If you find the mixture is too sticky, add more baking soda. If it's too stiff, add conditioner instead. You should aim for a mellow feel that is still moldable. Just like the picture below. 
Youtube - DaveHax

You can also use shaving cream instead of conditioner for fake snow recipes, it will make the snow feel cold.

Other possible combinations are cornstarch and shaving cream, baking soda and water, or coarse sea salt. Simply use what you have on hand!


You can do many art and craft projects with this fake snow. Add silver glitter to give it an icy shine. Try lining a glass jar with fake snow to make your own snowballs. The salt version will probably work best for such a project.


If you and the kids decide to make large amounts of snow mixture, you can use it indoors or outdoors. But be prepared for the cleanup!

Pro Tip: For large outdoor play areas, use a plastic tablecloth under the snow container. For the inside, use a baking sheet or newspaper to keep the area clean.

This recipe is really great for people who are not fortunate enough to have snow often at home. You can make it for a winter-themed party and throw snowballs at each other, for example!

Let your imagination run wild!

See the whole procedure in this video:

Do you enjoy the cold weather? Do you get a lot of snow in your city?

Source: YouTube - DaveHax · Photo Credit: YouTube - DaveHax

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