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You can get a half Christmas Tree for the holidays this year!

You can get a half Christmas Tree for the holidays this year!
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There are almost only 2 months before Christmas, but we all know people who decorate their trees the day after Halloween. So now is the time to start thinking about our holiday decorations!

Christmas trees are a staple in many homes around the world. However, not everyone has a very large space to accommodate a gigantic tree, or even a smaller one.

But this problem can be solved, thanks to the "half-tree!"

source: Hammacher Schlemmer

This unusual idea comes from the American retailer Hammacher Schlemmer. It is an artificial tree that can be leaned against a wall, as the name suggests "The Against The Wall Christmas Tree"

This clever design takes the hassle out of having to decorate the backside! It's twice as fast as with a traditional tree.

It comes with an LED string light, which can last 25,000 hours. To find out more, go to this original tree, click on the hammacher website.

source: Hammacher Schlemmer

What do you think about this idea? Do you find it pretty, practical or does it irrate your traditional needs?

One thing is certain, if you have a cat who has a tendency to climb the tree, it is less likely to fall with a tree like this. 

This half-tree does not cost half the usual price, however. It can be purchased for US $250!

But it's a safe bet that with this tree, the magic of the holidays is not halved!

Will you get a tree or half-tree this year?

Source: Hammacher Schlemmer · Photo Credit: Hammacher Schlemmer

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