Tips and Tricks : Get rid of mosquitoes easily with coffee grounds
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Get rid of mosquitoes easily with coffee grounds

It is also a snails, slugs and ants repellent.

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Everyone is fed up of mosquitoes bites during the summer.

We are exhausted, but they are not !

And mosquitoes transmit disease . . . !

So, instead of getting expensive and chemical repellents, we suggest you a natural and effective way to get rid of mosquitoes.

The idea is to burn coffee grounds around you.

The coffee grounds is the used ground beans that remain in your pot or coffee-maker in the morning.

Instead of throwing it away, keep it and dry it, to burn it later.

You will need :

- Coffee grounds

- Aluminum foil

- A glass jar

- Matches or lighter

How to do :

1) Start by recovering the coffee grounds from your morning coffee

2) Spread it on a flat surface, so it can dry faster

3) Once dry, you can put it in an airtight glass jar, so that it does not lose its odor

4) When you want to go outside, take out some coffee grounds and place small portions on pieces of aluminum foil all over your garden to protect you from unwanted mosquitoes

5) With a heat source, such as a lighter or matches, burn the coffee grounds

6) A smoke will emerge and it will keep mosquitoes away from you, leaving you free from these unwanted insects

7) It is also a snails, slugs and ants repellent. These bugs can harm your garden or your vegetable garden

8) You can also add coffee grounds directly to your soil. It will feed your plants, your flowers and it also serves in the compost

9) Did you know that you could remove scratches from your wooden furniture with coffee grounds ? Dip coffee grounds in warm water and soak a soft cloth in this water, then rub the scratch, and it will disappear !

The coffee grounds, is very useful around the house !

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