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Good news! Experts say you shouldn't make the bed in the morning!

Good news! Experts say you shouldn't make the bed in the morning!
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There are two types of people in the world, those who make their bed first thing in the morning and those who don't! If you fall under the second category and have been called lazy or other names because of your morning habits, we have some good news!

A cleaning expert called Mrs. D who is known for her tips and tricks for keeping a house clean, recently shared that you should not make the bed first thing in the morning. It seems like it is important to let a bread "breathe" because the sheets can remain hot and damp after a long night. That would attract bed bugs and dirt and keeping the covers off is a great way to repel them!

She said : " It seems a lot of people get up and make the bed straight away. This is something you need to stop doing.

Get out of bed and throw the duvet back and let your bed breathe.

During the night we not only sweat but we also shed skin, and this is a magnet for dust mites and bed bugs.

They love damp and humid areas, and some people only let their bed breathe in the summer, and think that you don't need to do this in the winter because of the cold weather.

But this isn't true. With central heating being on in the winter it can attract dust mites/bed bugs just as much as in the summer months.

So, by making your bed first thing every morning you are trapping all that damp air and helping dusts mites/bed bugs breed (sounds horrible, but it's true)."

The idea would be to wait at least one hour before making the bed. Maybe enough time to shower and grab breakfast? Another important thing you should do is to wash the sheets once a week in order to kill any bacteria present in your beddings. A lot of people are probably guilty of only washing their sheets monthly or worse!

Make sure to use a high wash cycle and a good laundry detergent. Then, once a month you can deep clean the mattress using a vacuum or steamer. The duvets and pillows should be washed every 6 months. 

Do you make your bed every morning? How often do you wash the sheets?

Source: Lad Bible · Photo Credit: Adobe Stock

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