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Great tips to remove grease from your barbecue grills!

Great tips to remove grease from your barbecue grills!
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Cleaning is not a pleasure for most people. So when this chore requires to scrub stubborn stains, many people are desperate.

Even if you rub every inch of the house, there are always less accessible spots that are almost impossible to clean.

And among these spots, barbecue grills and oven racks are at the top of the list. We do not always take the time to thoroughly clean them, and even when we do it, many grease stains and foods are stuck onto those grills and racks.

However, do not panic ! The Fabiosa website has listed some tips to make your life easier, to make your grill shine again ! It will be like new !

Material :

- Potatoes

- Oil

- Salt

- Paper

- Two wooden blocks

And no, these ingredients are not for cooking french fries, but for cleaning !

Photo : Pixabay

How to do :

First, place your barbecue grill or oven rack, on the two wooden blocks. Put all this on the sheet of paper to protect your surface from other stains you may be doing during this operation.

Photo : Fabiosa

Then put a large amount of oil on your grill, to lubricate it and to make the degreasing process faster. Sprinkle salt all over your grill. It will stay on the grid thanks to the oil.

Photo : Fabiosa

Then cut a potato in half and rub one of its halves all over the grill. Yes, the potato will help you to degrease everything !

Then flip your grid. Do all the previous steps you did on the other side of the grill. If you do this often, the stains will be easy to remove !

Photo : Fabiosa

Thus, with these completely natural ingredients, you can give a new look to your grid, and it's very easy !

The next time you have to clean your oven rack or barbecue grill, try this method ! It's fast and easy !

However, if you have allergies to any of the ingredients mentioned in this article, please do not make this tip !

Source: Fabiosa · Photo Credit:

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