Tips and Tricks : Grow your rose bush with potatoes
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Grow your rose bush with potatoes

An interesting experience for amateur gardeners

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Did you know that simple potatoes can be useful to grow your roses?

In fact, they can help roses retain moisture during their vulnerable rooting stage.

Stan Griep, Consultant for the American Rose Society and editor for Gardening Know How, says that some people have been successful with this method while for others, it was not a real success, or only marginal success. Stan Griep, has not yet tested the method, but he said that he will do at some point, because he does not find the idea stupid. According to him, there is a certain logic to want to keep the cuttings of roses wet thanks to the potato.

In the video below, the Hungarian youtuber and gardener Fenyutas, shows how to make holes in the middle of a potato, and then insert the rose. Stan Griep recommends soaking the rose in a rooting hormone solution before putting the rose in the potato, to stimulate root growth.

screenshot - YouTube - Fenyutas

The Youtuber used a red potato and a white potato for his video, two varieties that Griep recommends for their higher moisture content.

Because the reason we use potatoes is because of their high moisture!

After planting, Fenyutas used plastic bottles to protect the plants from drying out in the open air. Stan Griep, recommends using a wall of water around the planted cutting.

screenshot - YouTube - Fenyutas

The "potato method" is interesting, but probably requires a several attempts and adjustments, before succeeding to grow beautiful roses with this method.

Unfortunately, Fenyutas's attempt failed, but this may be due to several factors. Growing roses is already a difficult task; if it were easy, we would not need to try unusual methods!

Stan Griep explains that many varieties of roses are so fragile that trying to "reproduce" them in non-ideal conditions can be risky.

It's still interesting for any amateur gardener to try this method!

Have you ever tried the "potato method" to grow roses? If so, share your experience with us in the comment! And if you know other tips to grow roses, do not hesitate to share them!

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