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Have you heard about “laundry stripping”?

Have you heard about “laundry stripping”?
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We all do the laundry at least once a week if not several times a week. That task is already hard enough by itself for some people. But do you ever wonder if your clothes and towels are really clean after a wash in the machine?

Well, it seems that maybe your "clean laundry" isn't that clean! Take a look at the picture below.

As Jared Guynes explains in his Facebook post, this water comes from clean towels that were washed, dried and folded! It is because over the years of use, your clothes and towels get little tiny amounts of soap and detergent locked in to the fibers that the washing machine and detergent can't get rid of alone. 

Laundry stripping is a cleaning method in which you soak your clothes or towels in a tub of hot water with a special cleaning solution for several hours. Please note that this method works best for light colored clothes and towels as over time the water's heat will cause the dyes to run.

Here's how to strip your laundry.

  1. Start by filling your bathtub or a large bucket with the hottest water you can get from the faucet. 
  2. Add ¼ cup Borax, ½ cup Laundry soda (can use baking soda if necessary), ¼ cup Calgon laundry soap (optional), 1 scoop of Tide powdered laundry detergent and stir to dissolve completely.
  3. Submerge your towels or clothes in the mixture and soak until for at least four hours. You can stir occasionally to help release the buildup faster.
  4. Drain the "doo doo" water and put your towels or clothes through a rinse-only cycle in the washing machine. Dry as you normally would. 

You should not be using this method every single week. You should do a "laundry stripping" if you notice that your clothes have build-up from detergent or fabric softener.

It is without surprise that this technique went viral on social media! Everybody wants to see how much buildup their clothes and towels have! Take a look. 

Will you be trying it too?  Let us know what color your bath turn out!

Source: Good House Keeping · Photo Credit: Facebook

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