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Tips and Tricks

He puts a box of eggs in the fridge door and discovers a trick we could all benefit from

He puts a box of eggs in the fridge door and discovers a trick we could all benefit from
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There are a lot of hacks to make our lives easier.

You've seen them all on the Net for a few years now and a lot of people have been testing them since.

You have seen them time and again but have yet to try them.

Yet these tips are really worth applying, because they save us time and money !

So this time, take the time to see them, to understand them, and finally, to apply them.

You will be proud to have accomplished these little things to improve your daily life.

Here are some daily hacks to make your life easier:

1) Use rubber bands on your glasses to prevent them from slipping off your face. The glasses are often a little too big and this tip can help you. Elastics are often hidden by the ears, or better still, by the hair !

2) Apply a simple strip of acrylic paint that illuminates in the dark on your glasses case to find it easily in the dark. If you are often looking for your glasses case in your handbag, this can help you by looking for it with the flashlight from your cell phone !

3) Break a toothpick into the frame of your glasses while replacing a lost screw. This trick really works and for a very long time !

4) Attach cut hair elastics to an empty picture frame without glass to hang your sunglasses from, then, hang the frame on the wall

5) Use glasses to make a smartphone support for listening to videos or a film on the Net

6) Use a coin to find out if your tires are still good for a season

7) A coin and an elastic will be perfect to hold your dress or skirt while you ride a bike

8) Use an egg carton and never lose another drop of your condiments !

To see all these tips and the 5 others, watch this video !

Source: YouTube 5 minutes Crafts

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