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Her technique to update a night table can be used to transform any piece of furniture

Her technique to update a night table can be used to transform any piece of furniture
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These two ladies show us a rather remarkable transformation of a bedside table, with simple chalkboard paint !

They used for their project, a table made of real wood and made of a hardwood. And an old table that was already damaged.

It was covered with scratches and the varnish was very damaged. But these little details did not stop the two women. They didn't even pay attention to this !

Which means that they have neither sanded the wood nor removed the varnish on the wood. They did not do anything ! Apart from applying good quality chalkboard paint with real paintbrushes especially made to apply chalkboard paint.

You will notice how the paint is easy to apply and how well it covers the wood. We understand right away that we do not even need a second layer of paint.

You will also notice that the two women apply the painting in a 'neglected' way. This is on purpose. Because we do not want a uniform color. We want a worn, antique finish.

Once the top is painted, the women cover it with a plastic to protect the paint and turn the table to paint the edges.

Once all the small crannies are painted, they will let the paint dry for 30 minutes. Then, they will apply the chalk paint wax clear from the brand Annie Sloan.

Now, with brushes to apply the wax, they apply the wax wherever they applied paint to protect it.

Once the wax is applied, they use black wax to give a navy blue look and they add more black wax to the wood cracks. Then she immediately wipe this black wax with old clean rags.

On the top of the table they applied the black wax horizontally, wiping off the black wax with the clean rag. Then they applied the black wax vertically and wipe off again the black wax with the clean rag. This will give a beautiful finish on the table top.

Then they finished their beautiful project by changing the handle with a brass handle. It makes all the difference !

Watch the video :

Click on the volume button to get some sound.

Source : Hometalk Facebook video

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Source: Hometalk · Photo Credit: Hometalk

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