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Here are 10 tips for a perfectly clean and well organized bathroom

Here are 10 tips for a perfectly clean and well organized bathroom
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One of the rooms of the house where we need to be more organized than elsewhere is the bathroom.

So if this room is not super well organized, you just need few things to keep the bathroom cleans.

Are you a maniac of the organization? Then you will love these 10 great ideas!

1) Get a shower curtain that have pockets to put the shower products!

2) Use shower racks for shampoo bottles and attach them in the doors under the sink to store sanitary napkins, tampons, your makeup kit and your favorite lotions. It's awesome!

3) Add small shelves to have all the stuff you use everyday on hand

4) Use Tie Wrap fasteners to attach PVC pipes or any other hose that will allow you to store these sharp razors that fall all over the bottom of the bathtub!

5) Use an oil bottle for mouthwash and disposable mini cups

6) A nice metal fruit and vegetable basket is perfect for storing stuff on the counter of the bathroom

7) Do not let the appliance wires under the sink by puting them into rolls of toilet paper! You can even cover them to embellish them! Use scrapbooking paper, as it is thicker, it will strengthen the rolls!

8) Try to find a small trolley or small piece of furniture for this small corner of the bathroom that is so small that you can not place a standard size furniture. You will be able to store some small stuff like rolls of toilet paper (convenient for the visit !!) and you will be surprised how nice it is in your bathroom.

9) Pick up an extra shower rod and choose the ring one. So it will be easier to install. Then slide the rings for shower curtain clips. You can hang all your care products in tubes. And they will all be suspended in the right direction to finish them to the last drop!

10) Obtain 3 short candlesticks and 3 plates of different sizes and glue them with E6 000 glue. Let it dry 48 hours before placing the soaps and washcloths on the counter of the bathroom.

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