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Here are 10 very amusing water games that you need to try with your kids this summer

Here are 10 very amusing water games that you need to try with your kids this summer
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Here are 10 Water games that you have to try with your kids this summer!

Catch the water balloon!

Collect jugs of milk or juice to make large recipients that will serve you to catch small ballons of water! How many can you catch without dropping them?


Painting with water guns!

Add a few drops of paint in water boilers! The children will be able to paint abstract paintings just like Picasso!

Water Bowling!

Make a bowling alley with pool noodles! Use Cola can as pins, they have the ideal weight to be knocked down by a foam projectile.


It's just like baseball, but it's so refreshing!

William Tell!

Who will dare to get wet? Form two teams! With water guns, you will have to aim the hole! Whoever fills the bottle with as much water as possible in a predetermined period of time, wins the game! Sounds like a good plan doesn't it?!

Sprinkled Sprinkler

Don't spend money for one of these toys connected to the garden hose, make it!

Pick an old pool noodle! You know those who crumbles with dint of chlorine? It won't cost you anything 


  •  A swimming pool noodle 
  • Solid tape, Duct tape style 
  • Scissors 
  • A skewer stem or something sharp to pierce the noodle 


  1. Cut a noodle washer to collect pieces and plug the end of the noodle (keep in a bit for the other end) 
  2. Drill the noodle with the skewer at every 5 cm (2 '') approx. 
  3. Insert the garden hose into the other end and insert small remaining ends of the front washer to keep the hose tight 
  4. Tape it off!

Youtube screenshot

Running water rifles

You can make this game, in or out of the pool!Piece an hole at the bottom of a plastic cup big enough for a small cord. Attach both end of the cord to a chair or anything that could be parallel. Repeat as much as needed for every kids to enjoy it at the same time. The first cup to reach the other side wins. You might need water guns with a big water tank to complete the race without any refills.

"The Stain and the Water Sponges"

It takes little material! Sidewalk chalk and wet sponges! And it's so much fun! In addition, we practice math! Yay!

Wet Balls War!

First the children will enjoy crafting their sponges, then they can start a sponge war! It's more enduring than a war of water ballons and they won't get hurt! 


  •  Sponges -Scissors 
  • Elastic rubber products 
  • A water tank


A water mattress!

It's MUCH simpler than you'd imagine and MUCH more resistant than you'd think!


  • A plastic canvas (10 x 25 feet) with a thickness of 1/8 of an inch -15 $ 
  • An iron
  • Printing paper
  • Duct Tape
  • "And a lot of water!"


  1. You will need plenty of space!
  2. Fold the canvas in half
  3. Use parchment paper to cover the entire outline of the canvas by folding it in half, cover the underside and top of the canvas
  4. WARNING! Pass the iron SURE Parchment paper WITHOUT Touch the plastic canvas
  5. Leave a small opening to add water to the water mattress
  6. When finished, pull out the mattress outside, insert the garden hose into the hole and add water!
  7. Seal the hole with the Duct Tape tape after wiping with a dry towel! 


It's really easy to do!!

Source: Imgur, · Photo Credit: imgur

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