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Tips and Tricks

Here are 12 great tips to organize your home.

Here are 12 great tips to organize your home.
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Are you always looking out for good tips to tidy up and organize your house so that it is always perfect?

In this article you will find 12 tips that people regularly use in their home...

Here are 12 great tips

1) Get the banana hook that nobody uses at home! It will be much more convenient to suspend your precious and expensive headphones!


2) Use different colors of hangers to arrange different categories of clothes! You will quickly find your clothes in your wardrobe!

3) Use 5-stage pants hangers to store all your Gym tracksuits and leggings. Five pairs per hanger, this trick will quickly release your drawers.

4) Roll the cotton clothes to maximize space instead of folding!

To maximize space in your dresser drawers, desk drawers, suitcases and even backpacks!


5) Or .... Add cardboard boxes in your drawers and fold the clothes so you always see the front of the t-shirts for example


6) Store all your jewels in this useless part of the wardrobe! The unexploited sides of walls! Attach hooks screwed onto wood slats that you screw to the wall. Easy, inexpensive and effective!



7) Get back an empty wall in the kitchen to hang the kitchen accessories you most often use ! Make it a useful decoration!


8) A classic, but still effective, store the bed sheet, the flat sheet and a pillowcase in the 2nd pillowcase for a wardrobe always tidy.

Source: Photo by Raymond Hom. Courtesy of Martha Stewart Living

9) Use a transparent storage rack to store all your purses efficiently in the wardrobe!


10) The first member of the family has contracted the first cold of the season? Avoid spreading the germs everywhere by making a wastepaper basket in the box of tissues! No more tissue filled with germs everywhere!


11) It is difficult to keep the drawer of plastic dishes tidy. To help you, use a plastic bin and put one or more cardboard boxes inside to make compartments. Then store the dishes by section and the lids in another section.

Tip more: Storing everything in a plastic bin in the cabinet will help you store dishes and lids more easily, more often. You will not have to sit on the floor every week to tidy up the bottom of this cabinet. Just take the bin off the countertop and store the bin.

12) Store all household products in the same place effectively in a shoe rack, hanging on the closet door, or laundry! It's so effective as a storage system! What are you waiting for to use this tip?

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