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Here are 12 practical tips to get ready for the winter

Here are 12 practical tips to get ready for the winter
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Winter is the season you hate the most and just thinking that winter is coming soon, you're getting depressed?

Why not getting ready for the cold season instead of undergoing it?

By being ready to face it, you will find it much less complicated and especially less long!

Here are 12 practical tips for a better winter

1) The intense cold of winter mixed with the heat of the heating systems damages our skin.

Mix baking soda with baby oil in the water of your bath to always have a soft baby skin!

2) Are you caught in the snow? Your car does not move on snow or ice anymore?

Take a snow mat out of your car and use it to clear your car from the snow/ice !

Source: Sporty's Tool Shop via Buzzfeed

3) Get a humidifier.

The humidifier will preserve your wood furniture, breathe better, less snore, moisturize your skin and your nasal passage.

4) Make a homemade icebreaker!

By pouring this mixture on ice, the ice will immediately turn intoslush, simply immediately break up and push thisslushon the sides so you can move safely.

You will need

- 1/2 gallon hot water

- 6 drops of dish soap

- 60 ml (2 ounces) rubbing alcohol (isopropanol or isopropyl alcohol)


Mix all these ingredients and pour the mixture directly onto the ice.

In just a few minutes the ice becomesslush, quickly move theslushon the sides so that it does not refreeze again.

This is an interesting alternative if you do not have coarse salt or you are not able to break the ice yourself!

Source: WYFF News 4

5) Use water and bubble wrap to avoid losing heat through the windows of your home.

We usually lose up to 3 to 5°C (6 to 10°F) of heat. Avoid this with bubble wrap!

Source: Build It Solar via Buzzfeed

6) Store your summer clothes efficiently! It is worthwhile to purchase vacuum storage bags to store all summer clothes. It's crazy all the space you can win with those!

Source: Amazon via Buzzfeed

7) Get carpet trays and bagged pebbles from Dollar store.

It's really handy to dry your wet boots!

Source: Dollar Store Crafts via Buzzfeed

8) Do you live in town and use your bike even in winter?

Attach zip ties to the tires to avoid skidding on the ice!

Source: Dutch Bike Co. via Buzzfeed

9) Get a rack that you no longer use to put your scarf and mitt set together behind the vestibule door.

Source: A Thoughtful Place via Buzzfeed

10) Use shower curtain rings to dry all wet winter accessories!

Source: Homegrown & Healthy via Buzzfeed

11) Avoid drafts under the doors and save money on the electricity bill by using pool noodles!

Watch the video to learn how to make them!

12) Do not spread your germs everywhere by letting your used tissues hang around!

Attach an empty box to the tissue box you use during your nasty big cold! And treat yourself well!

Source: Buzzfeed

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