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Here are 12 uses of Listerine that every woman should know

Here are 12 uses of Listerine that every woman should know
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Do you know Listerine? You probably have a big bottle from Costco under the sink in the bathroom and that almost nobody uses? Well, after reading these 13 surprising tips, you will take this bottle and you will even buy a new one, because these tips, are really effective!

Here are 12 uses for Listerine that every woman should know:

1) A footbath:

To habe baby soft feet, soak your feet in a footbath with Listerine. Mix the Listerine with warm water in equal parts and add some white vinegar. Soak your feet in it for 30 minutes every night until you have beautiful and soft feet.

2) Wash the toilet bowl:

Yes ... Listerine is not just used to rinse your mouth! It also perfectly cleans the toilet bowl! And it also deodorizes your toilet!

3) Stop the itching:

Listerine can stop the itching. Whether it's insect bites, an allergy or a rash, dab a little Listerine with a cotton ball on the affected area and it will reduce the itching.

4) Get rid of bad odors:

Listerine fights against bad odors. If you forget to buy your deodorant, Listerine can help you. Use a cotton ball and rub your armpits.

5) Say goodbye to dandruff:

Say goodbye to dandruff with Listerine. Simply put Listerine on your scalp, cover the head with a towel for a few minutes, and then wash the hair normally.

6) Keep the fleas away:

Dilute Listerine in water and mix with the shampoo you use to wash your pet. This mixture helps to get rid of fleas.

7) An antiseptic for a clear and radiant skin:

Listerine can also be used as an antiseptic! Apply Listerine on a cotton ball to clean the skin of your face. Clean your skin to even make acne disappear.

8) The maintenance of your toothbrush:

Use Listerine to wash your toothbrush. We rarely think about it, but we should all wash our toothbrushes more often! Soak it in the Listerine all night and rinse it the next morning. Your toothbursh wiil be fresh and clean, without germs or bacteria.

9) Clean computer screens:

Wash your computer screen with Listerine. In addition to cleaning oil stains, grease and dirt, it will remove fingerprints. It will add a good scent of fresh mint!

10) Perfume the trash:

Bad odors come from the garbage, but the trash bag isn't full yet? Pour Listerine on paper towels and throw them in the trash. They will absorb these unpleasant smells.

11) Prevent the spread of lice:

Apply Listerine all over the hair, wear a shower cap for 2 hours, and comb out all the lice and nits. Wash your hair normally.

12) Remove a tick from the skin:

Fold a paper towel and soak it in Listerine, then grab the tick by pinching it with the paper towel. The tick will let go as soon as it smells the Listerine's strong mint scent.

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