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Here are 15 hairstyles from the 60s that defy the laws of gravity!

Here are 15 hairstyles from the 60s that defy the laws of gravity!
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Fashion is a fascinating world, whether you're talking about clothes or hairstyles. Over time, we have seen incredible looks, sometimes discreet, but sometimes crazy looks. Some decades were more "spectacular" than others; do you remember the shoulders pads and backcombed hair from the 80s ...

But do not forget the 60s, with hairstyles "beehive"! All the women who wanted to be fashion had this hairstyle and apparently they wanted to have the 'tallest'' hair !

We have to thank Jackie Kennedy, one of the biggest "influencers" in the world ( before social networks) for this trend. Following the First Lady’s example, women around the country headed to the salon and asked for hair that reached for the heavens. Or, sometimes, they would style their hair themselves, often it would take an entire day’s work!

Here are 15 gigantic hairstyles of the 1960s. By looking at them, we wonder if it's real hair, if it was uncomfortable, how much hairspray ... if there were sometimes bees ...

Some creations are phenomenal! See for yourself.

1. It was before the cartoons "My little pony" ... Do you think this is her real hair?

source: Dangerous Minds

2. The"Buckingham Palace guard" style.

Perhaps, we can hide some objects !

source: Dangerous Minds

3. These hairstyles are not accredited by the Athletics Federation!

Not very aerodynamic!

source: Dangerous Minds

4. The horseshoe, or the Playmobil wig?

Two words: ozone layer ...

source: Dangerous Minds

5. A portable cushion.

We understand now where Ninteno drew inspiration for the character Toad, the mushroom! But it's pretty!

source: Dangerous Minds

6. A Hawaii 5-0 style

Surf on the wave!

source: Dangerous Minds

7. Intense, very intense

We can also see 3 or 4 wigs ...

source: Dangerous Minds

8. In life, choices must be made

Make a birthday cake, or create the hairstyle that will steal the show!

source: Dangerous Minds

9. The prom queen

After the party, she was able to steal the punch bowl and hide it in her beautiful hair!

source: Dangerous Minds

10. This woman is so feline

Her nickname is Mufasa (The Lion King)

source: Dangerous Minds

11. Deception

This woman did not receive the gift she wanted. A neck brace, to hold her neck broken under the weight of her hairstyle !

source: Dangerous Minds

12. This woman will have to sit all evening

She doesn't have the choice, she can't go under the door frame!

source: Dangerous Minds

13. Capillary contest

"My hairstyle is taller than yours!"

source: Dangerous Minds

14. This lady is very disappointed

She did not win the Limbo competition!

source: Dangerous Minds

15. The alien invaders do exist!

And this woman is the leader!

source: Dangerous Minds

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