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Here are 16 great ideas that we all would have been very proud of if we had invented them

Here are 16 great ideas that we all would have been very proud of if we had invented them
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You often see a good idea and you say: but what was this person thinking when she/he did that?

Do you think that these ideas were just luck or do you think that people have thought during hours? Well, some ideas have been made by trial and error and others were just the result of coincidence. But it doesn’t matter, because we will discover those great ideas. Because since the arrival of the Internet, we can share all these amazing tips that make life so much easier.

And who would not like to be the inventor of these tips? These are genius ideas!

Here are 16 great ideas that we all would have been very proud of, if we had invented them:

1) Finally, perfume your car with a smell you like! Collect the little tree that no longer smells perfume and add a few drops of essential oil of your choice.

Source: BeaulaGoo/reddit

2) A fork is very useful to hold a taco upright on a plate, while you stuff it!

Source: randomusefulbits/reddit

3) Use a straw to add butter to the bottom of the popcorn bag!

Source: SystemsBtich/reddit

4) A paperclip box costs $1. Use paper clips to hang Christmas ornaments that don’t have hook!

Source: Chilper/reddit

5) A contact lens case is perfect to add moisturizing cream for a weekend.

Source: Hsintoot / reddit

6) An envelope taped to the wall while collect the dust! It’s even better than a Post-it!

Source: GoHernando/reddit

7) Make a mini broom with a paintbrush to sweep those tiny spaces between the doors and windowsills.

Source: victorbcn/reddit

8) If your shower curtain is a bit too short, some extra curtain rings can solve the problem!

Source: Ironcymru/reddit

9) Never put your coat or purse on the floor in a public toilet!! YUCK! If it’s possible, hang an old key (just in case it breaks under the weight) between the door and the wall above the door, then hang your items to a key.

Source: tboy2000/reddit

10) Your blouse is showing too much cleavage? A safety pin ruins the look of your blouse. But two pretty earrings (fake pearls or fake diamonds) will be very nice!

Source:xobaileyy / twitter

11) Here’s a brilliant way to make your laptop’s charger hold in place. Glue velcro strips.

Source: randomusefulbits / reddit

12) A pierced plastic bin is perfect for storing wool balls while knitting or crocheting.

Source: Fl000/reddit

13) Do not buy clips to seal bags of food. Instead, pick up the clips on the plastic hangers.

Source: Rekordea/reddit

14) Use chopsticks to eat Cheetos.

Source: Civegirl/reddit

15) Use a paper cup to listen to the music of your cell phone.

Source: huisi/reddit

16) Use your girlfriend’s hair straightener to “iron” the collar of your shirt in less than 2 minutes instead of taking out the iron!

Source: Tatertot-pie/reddit

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