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Here are 20 things you do not suspect you can put in the freezer

Here are 20 things you do not suspect you can put in the freezer
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If the freezer keeps frozen food, and many home-made dishes, it can also be used to store a lot of objects.

The Diply website has listed 20 of them, some of which are not even food! Discover the unsuspected potential of your freezer!

1. Cheese

Do you have a large family who loves cheese? No need to waste it. Simply grate and freeze.


2. Figurines

Here's a new game to try with your kids! Make them apprentice archaeologists by freezing their figurines in a block of ice and letting them discover their treasure with the help of plastic scissors.


3. Rice

If you are one of those who always prepare too much rice, you simply put it in a plastic bag before freezing it.


4. Jeans

The best way to worn jeans is to wash it regularly. To keep it longer, wrap it in a plastic bag and freeze for 14 hours.


5. Sweet potatoes

If you cook too much potatoes, you can separate them into individual servings, freeze and reheat in the microwave if necessary.


6. The envelopes

Here is a tip that will please spies among you. In order to check the contents of an already sealed envelope, simply freeze it so that the glue will no longer hold.


7. Cookie dough

Have nice afternoon with children! Prepare the cookie dough in advance, freeze it, and get out of the freezer when creating pastry with your children.


8. The batteries

It would appear that freezing the batteries would increase their duration. If this fact has not been proved, it costs nothing to try!


9. Yogurt

This is surprising and obvious at the same time! If few people keep their yogurt in the freezer, how do you think frozen yogurt was invented?


10. Cuddly toys and pillows

If you are struggling with a moth or bedbug problem, place the cuddly toys and pillows in the freezer to kill any microscopic life! Do not forget to wash items thoroughly after thawing.


11. The pancakes

If you still have too many pancakes, you can freeze them in order to always have them available in case of cravings!


12. Candles

Did you know that it was possible to reuse the candle wax already consumed? You simply have to put it in the freezer, in order to make another candles.


13. The advocados

To prevent your leftover avocado from turning brown, simply freeze them to keep them fresh.


14. Sticky materials

If your child has stuck a chewing gum on his t-shirt, you just need to freeze it to get rid of it!


15. Bananas

Peel and slice a banana, which you will then freeze. You can then put it in the blender to get a delicious dessert, with ice cream.


16. Pencil for the eyes

In order to get a more clearly defined line, freezing eye pencil is a very good tip!


17. The pastries

If you can not eat all the muffins, cakes, buns, you're cooking, you can freeze them. Just microwave them!


18. The wine

Yes, you read correctly! Simply store the unused wine in the freezer for later use in a recipe.


19. Garlic and onions

To prevent them from germinating prematurely, these two foods can easily be stored in the freezer.


20. Pesto and dips

Here is the solution to preserve the remains of pesto and vinaigrette in order to extend their life. You just have to freeze them!


Source: Diply · Photo Credit: Fotolia

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