Tips and Tricks : Here are 9 natural repellents to protect you against mosquitoes
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Here are 9 natural repellents to protect you against mosquitoes

Keep mosquitoes away from you before they bite you!

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Whether you are looking for a repellent to put on your skin, to use on your patio, in the house, camping or in your bedroom, you will find what you need here.

With these 9 choices of natural mosquito repellents, they also work against ticks, black flies and deer flies, you'll find what suits you best, depending on your needs.

And it's good to have choices, because one repellent can't be effective for everything.

You can choose the right repellent according to the activities you will do throughout the summer to enjoy the maximum, without suffering the painful bites of these nasty little critters.

So, here are 9 natural repellents to protect you against mosquitoes according to your needs of the moment:

1) Rather than rubbing chemicals on your body, mix lavender essential oil and olive oil.

Lavender essential oil is a great natural mosquito repellent. And your skin will smell good.

How to do:

a) Mix 30 ml (2 tablespoons) of olive oil with 30 drops of lavender essential oil

b) Apply the lotion to the skin to protect it from mosquitoes

c) Also get candles with lavender scent, they will chase mosquitoes that bother you in the evening.


2) Vanilla essence:

While most people enjoy the smell of vanilla, the small critters go away as soon as they smell it! Mosquitoes hate the smell of vanilla as much as we can love it! Isn't it wonderful?

How to do:

a) In a spray bottle add 15 ml (1 tablespoon) of the essence to 250 ml (1 cup) of water

b) Spray this sweet scent on your skin to chase mosquitoes, but also ticks and black flies!

c) Do you want to maximize your chances? Place vanilla-scented candles on your patio to keep mosquitoes away!


3) Citronella candles:

Citronella essential oil is an excellent mosquito repellent, but it also works for all insect pests. So if you're thinking of using citronella in the wild to chase the biggest insects like black flies and deer flies, maybe use citronella with tiki torch lights !


4) Herbs:

We love the smell of basil, rosemary, lavender and lemongrass! But mosquitoes do not like it !

Grow these plants will help keep mosquitoes away from you

And if you have a BBQ, place a few sprigs of rosemary on the hot charcoal. The scented smoke will keep insects away !


5) Eat garlic:

Apparently if you apply garlic oil on your skin it would repel mosquitoes. But if you do not want to repel humans too, eat garlic instead of applying garlic oil to your skin.

This is because garlic is rich in sulfur once it is digested. The sulfuric compounds enter our lungs through the blood and cause the smell to emit into our body.

The herb is toxic when mosquitoes ingest it. But some studies about its repellent properties are still inconclusive. However, many people still swear by its effectiveness.

How to do:

a) Add garlic to your recipes or use garlic capsules. You'll find these garlic capsules in grocery stores or health food stores.


6) Lemons and cloves:

Everyone already knows that lemon is an excellent mosquito repellent. But if you want better results, cut a lemon in 4 and add 5 to 6 cloves on each side, place the slices on a plate and that's it ! Mosquitoes will not come near you.

This trick is very effective while you sleep. Place the saucer on your nightstand.


7) The coffee grounds:

Recycle the coffee grounds after making your coffee in the morning instead of throwing it to compost bin.

If you notice an unusual amount of mosquitoes in an area, it's probably because there's stagnant water somewhere in the vicinity. And water attracts mosquitoes because they lay their eggs there. Just sprinkle the grounds wherever you spot stagnant water. This will force the eggs to rise up to the surface, and eventually they will die from the lack of oxygen.


8) Drink apple cider vinegar:

Drinking a mixture of water and apple cider vinegar will bring out a scent of your body that mosquitoes are unable to tolerate!

Apple cider vinegar is also great for reducing the itchiness of insect bites that can really bother us.

Dilute 15 to 30 ml (1 to 2 tablespoons) of apple cider vinegar in 473 ml (16 oz) of water, add some honey to the mixture to sweeten it and reduce the bitterness.


9) Red cedar mulch:

Also called Juniperus virginiana, red cedar mulch is beautiful in a garden, it keeps the soil moist, helps weeding and has insect repellent properties.

How to do:

1) Boil some pieces of mulch in the water

2) Drain

3) Spray the liquid around your yard and garden to keep mosquitoes away.


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