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Here are some other uses of baby oil in your everyday life other than to massage baby

Here are some other uses of baby oil in your everyday life other than to massage baby
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Many people don't know that baby oil has many uses, other than to massage baby, and these practical uses could really help you on a daily basis.

The first use is to use baby oil to remove ear wax plugs.It also works with olive oil, almond oil and mineral oil.

3-4 drops of oil should be placed in the ear canal 1 to 2 times a day for 3 to 7 days. Warm the oil in your hands for a few minutes (never put it in the microwave!), Then pour drops in the ear canal, head tilted to the side. Stay in this position for a few minutes, then insert a cotton pad to keep the oil at the bottom of the ear.

Usually, after 3 days you should feel that the wax plug is being removed and is going off your ear. Otherwise, continue to apply oil for up to 7 days. If after 7 days your ear wax plug is still not gone, consult a doctor who will use a mechanical method to dislodge the wax plug, if necessary.

Here are some other uses of baby oil in your everyday life.

To remove a dressing without pain, apply baby oil on it!

In winter, apply a thin layer of baby oil on the skin exposed to the open air: you will prevent frostbite.

Baby oil is an excellent eye makeup remover.

Baby oil is ideal to remove traces of paint on the hands.

With a few drops of baby oil and a cloth, you can remove a temporary tattoo.

A few drops of baby oil in a bath and we have very soft skin!

chewing gum in the hair ? Don't cut the lock of hair! Apply baby oil, the chewing gum should be removed easily.

On the dry feet, a little baby oil is very good.

Your necklaces are tangled ? Put baby oil on the knots and you will get rid of them with a toothpick.

Use baby oil to shave your legs: they will be hydrated and soft!

Your zipper is stuck ? One or two drops of baby oil should release you!

Your door creaks when you open it ? It's like the W-40, a few drops of baby oil on the hinges will lubricate the mechanism and eliminate the noise.

To remove the nail polish from skin when you do your nails, simply put baby oil on a cotton bud or tissue and rub the skin.

To restore furniture, a little baby oil on a cloth does miracles!

Mix a spoon of baby oil with half a spoon of sugar and a few drops of lemon juice, and you get an effective lip balm for the night.

Source: Viralnova · Photo Credit: Viralnova

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