Tips and Tricks : Here are the 26 best Elf on the Shelf ideas !
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Here are the 26 best Elf on the Shelf ideas !

They will be back soon, so it's a good idea to plan their activities!

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The Elf on the shelf is a quite recent tradition in Quebec, but it is so funny for children that it is likely to remain a long time in many homes. However, for parents, it can be difficult to find and organize "pranks" made by these little funny characters.

We can end up running out of ideas and we also do not want to spend hours cleaning each morning!

To help you continue the tradition, here are a ton of great ideas!

1. Draw on bananas

A nice surprise for lunch! The child will want one as a snack!


2. A medical prescription

If during the many days that the tradition lasts, you need a break, ask the doctor to prescribe a few days of rest to the elf! Smart!

source: Living Locurto

3. The frozen Elf

The too adventurous Elf can meet the Snow Queen and be frozen in the ice! Original!

source: Nelly Cole Photography

4. A snowball fight

Your elf could have fun during the night with other toys!

source: Nelly Cole Photography

5. Trapped in the candy box

The greedy Elf could be trapped and teach to children that they shouldn't be too greedy!

source: Living Locurto

6. Fresh Elf

If the Elf is missing the North Pole, the fridge is an option!

source: New Mercies

7. Or in an igloo

Your elf could also build his own igloo!

source: Domestic Female

8. The hungry Elf

Your children will laugh when they see the original snack that their elf has prepared for them to watch their favorite movie!

source: Pinterest

9. The injured Elf

Drastic measure for parents who are fed up. During one of his getaways, Elf broke a leg! He must therefore take a long rest!

source: Courtney Boles

10. The elf trapped, again!

This Elf is everywhere! He is now sending out an S.O.S !

source: Andiamo

11. The elf who alerted the troops

The intruder has been immobilized!

source: Jennifer Saintz Photography

12. The Elf who wants to help dad ...

or not! We suggest checking with the man of the house if he agrees to a new haircut ...

source: Pinterest

13. The Elf who ordered a gift

If you want to offer an surprise to your lovely child!

source: Picklehead Soup

14. A great potato sack race!

Too much fun!

source: Picklehead Soup

15. The Elf pranked Dad!

Poor dad!

source: Momma Melly

16. The Eld who wants to do like dad

Any good Elf must be close-shaven, of course!

source: A Small Snippet

17. Small improvement to the family photo ...

Rudolf the red nosed reindeer will love it!

source: A Mommy's Adventure

18. A snowman for the toilet!

This elf has a lot of imagination!

source: Frugal Coupon Living

19. A bath in the crock pot

An Elf has the right to relax!

source: Pinterest

20. The Elf who is in the wrong place ...

The poop, it always make children laugh ...

source: Pinterest

21. The Elf who sends messages

Whether it's to encourage the child to do the right things or to say goodbye, the tablet or the laptop is very effective!

source: A Little Bluebird

22. The Elf playing golf

What a beautiful green!

source: Greg Baresel Golf

23. The artistic Elf

Which will remind the whole family how nice it is to color on paper.

source: Little Bit Funky

24. The decorator Elf

Who brings originality to the room and who can also at the same time, have prepared the donations for the Guignolée!

source: I Did it Finally

25. The Elf's poop

Enjoy your meal!

source: Ashley To Awesome

26. The Elf who thought it was cool to make a snowman inside the home

Rest in peace, melted snowman!

source: Pink Peony

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