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Here are the best 5 ways to keep ants away naturally

Here are the best 5 ways to keep ants away naturally
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Finally ! Summer is here . . . and ants too . . . oops !

These little critters can literally ruin our life, when they come to our table, on counters . . . everywhere ! But that's not a reason to not enjoy summer !

See how to keep them away from you and your meals !

1. Protect your picnic table

Ants are attracted to food, it's a fact. But that's not a reason to let them ruin a picnic !

Here's how to keep them at bay :

Place each leg of your table in plastic dishes or pie tins. Pour in some water and voila ! Ants will not be able to climb to your sandwiches!

source : screenshot - Rumble - HouseholdHacker

2. Make ant traps

No need to buy expensive ant traps ! Simply mix 3 tablespoons (45 g) sugar, 1 tablespoon (15 g) borax and a few drops of water and pour this mixture into a few small plastic containers on which you put the lids. Drill small holes on lids and containers and place traps in strategic spots.

These traps will not kill the critters right away, but it will allow them to bring the poisonous substance back to their colony, which is more effective in the long run !

source : screenshot - Rumble - HouseholdHacker

3. Protect your home

Mix water and vinegar in a spray bottle and spray all doors, windows, and other places where ants might try to get in. You can also add liquid dish soap to the mixture.

The harshness of the vinegar will mask the smells drawing in the ants and keep them away.

source : screenshot - Rumble - HouseholdHacker

4. Eliminate the colony

If you know where the unwanted ants live, you can eliminate them by boiling water seasoned with cayenne pepper. Pour hot water in there.

source : screenshot - Rumble - HouseholdHacker

5. Avoid attracting ants

Ants like sugar, we all know that. So do not to leave soda cans, for example. Immediately clean the fruit juice on the countertops and do not leave food on the table.

source : screenshot - Rumble - HouseholdHacker

These tips and others on video :

Source: Tip Hero · Photo Credit: Unsplash

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