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Here are the secret Netflix codes to unlock hidden movies and shows!

Here are the secret Netflix codes to unlock hidden movies and shows!
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If you’ve been subscribe to Netflix for some time now, you may feel limited by the choices you have when it comes to movies. We fortunately have your best interests at heart and now have discovered for you the secret codes that will allow you to access tons of hidden categories, movies and shows on Netflix. Hidden categories, yes! 

BFM TV reports this news that will appeal to all Netflix subscribers who are looking for new movies to watch. There are indeed hidden categories and we explain here below how you can access it through the help of codes that open a new world of possibilities to you! Thus, you will be able to access much more specific categories, which will lead you to new movies. This is very good news for all those who complain about the lack of choices on the streaming platform that serves more than 151 million subscribers.

To access this wonderful world of hidden treasures, it is quite simple.  Just add a specific code to the following URL:

With these codes, you will be able to search for movies depending on the time period, the age factor or the awards it has won in the past. In total, more than 27,000 codes are available. Binge-watching will reach another level! 

BFM TV indicates that the most popular codes are the following: 

- Cinema’s Great Classics: 31574

- Classic Comedies: 31694

- Classical Dramas: 29809

- Classic Sci-Fi & Fantasy: 47147

- Epics: 52858

- Classic Action & Adventure: 46576

- Action comedies: 43040

The equally popular codes are those that allow you to search for movies by country:

- Asian Action Movie: 77232

- German movies: 58886

- English Movies: 10757

- Australian films: 5230

- Italian movies: 8221

- Japanese movies: 10398

As you can see, these codes promise hours and hours of binge-watching for the next few weeks. We are pretty sure some of you will use these codes right after reading this article, and so we wish you happy watching! 

Source: BFM TV · Photo Credit: Zuma Press

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