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Here is the most efficient way to cut a watermelon

Here is the most efficient way to cut a watermelon
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In summer, there is nothing more refreshing than eating a piece of juicy watermelon. On the other hand, the idea of cutting this fruit can discourage us!

Indeed, it's difficult to cut this large fruit in an effective way. Then, eating it can be a real challenge. There is juice everywhere, on clothes and furniture.

But that's not a reason to stop eating this delicious fruit.

There are clever ways to enjoy watermelon with minimal mess and clean up. It is possible to learn how to cut it in a creative way, like in the video below !

This technique will change the way you cut watermelon. It's easy to do and even easier to eat.

1. Cut the watermelon in half. We advise you to make short cuts through the rind, moving the watermelon around so that the entire circumference is cut. Then cut straight in the middle until the watermelon splits in half.

screenshot - YouTube - Jennifer Jenner

2. Take one half of the watermelon and flip it so that the rind is up in the air. Use your knife to carefully peel the rind away, slicing it off the sides of the melon. Use long, slow slices to remove the rind most efficiently. Do nit worry about the leftover white pieces for now, you’ll take care of that in the next step.

screenshot - YouTube - Jennifer Jenner

3. Cut the top of your watermelon completely off. Use this cutting motion to start removing the excess white, so that you leave only the red flesh. For more efficiency, use quick, short strokes of your knife as opposed to the longer strokes you used to remove the rind.

4. Cut the watermelon in slices, towards you.

screenshot - YouTube - Jennifer Jenner

5. Turn your cutting board 90 ° and cut the watermelon across the other way, to create small squares on the whole surface of the fruit. This should look like a checkered pattern.

6. Take a bowl that fits over the watermelon and place it over the chopped fruit. If there is some extra space on the sides, that's okay. Opt for a bowl slightly larger than a too-small one. Lift up your cutting board and keep the bowl firmly against it. Quickly flip the cutting board.

screenshot - YouTube - Jennifer Jenner

Now you have sticks of perfectly cut watermelon that you can enjoy mess-free!

screenshot - YouTube - Jennifer Jenner

Watch this video :

In this other video, discover another way to cut watermelon in an original way.

Bonus: For an original flavor, salt your watermelon. Add some lemon juice and enjoy!

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