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Here is the perfect bed for human-cat cohabitation!

Here is the perfect bed for human-cat cohabitation!
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Anyone who shares their home with a feline friend knows that this animals love to play, hide, and take possession of every room in the house. And the  cat lovers will do almost anything to improve their comfort!

Here is an idea that may be of interest to lovers of these adorable furballs. A perfect bed for human-cat cohabitation!

Catlife came up with the perfect bed. At first glance, it seems boring, but it reserves a surprise! The section below is actually a real maze!

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The perfect play area for cats and a sleeping area for owners.

The company said on their Instagram page: “With our bed, our feline clients do not feel invaded in their territory and do not have to run in search of a safe place to hide. Under this bed, they will find a quiet and safe place that has the same functionality for the owner! ”.

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However, the piece of furniture in question is not cheap! It retails between $550 to $680

Normal, regular boring beds are sometimes even more expensive! Except that this bed offers a real den for animals. A space for play and rest, which will help them to flourish. 

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And if you're a bit of a handyman, you can take the idea and create a DIY bed base like this, to the delight of your little four-legged friend!

On the other hand, nothing will prevent your cat from lying ON the bed again! 

You can find more information here: | Instagram

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What do you think of this idea? Do you have any pets?

Source: Creapills · Photo Credit: Facebook

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