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Here is the right technique to divide your invasive perennials

Here is the right technique to divide your invasive perennials
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Is your garden full of plants ? Perennials have invaded your garden and it is no longer beautiful ? It might be time to divide some or all of your perennials. But do you know how to do that ?

Do you know the right techniques to divide perennials ?

For best results, you should read these methods and try them at home.

Here is the right technique to divide your invasive perennials :

When is the best time to divide overgrown perennials and make new plants from them ?

Perennials should be divided every 3 to 6 years, even if we do not find them invasive. Because it's a great way to thin clump-forming varieties. This technique can also be used to control plant size, invigorate growth, and multiply the number of specimens in a garden.

We must respect this. Never divide a flowering plant in spring or autumn.

Also, before dividing, water the mother plant well for a day or two before you dig it up, and wait for a cloudy day to do the actual digging. Because a hot, sunny weather stresses plants.

How to do :

1) Water the soil 1 or 2 days before dividing the plant

2) Wait a cloudy day before digging up the plant to divide

3) Then set a spade or shovel 15.24 or 30.48 cm (6 to 12 ") from the center of the plant and push it down vertically into the soil.

Source : Ryan Benyi

4) Remove all dead or weak stems, gently separate the remaining healthy ones into clumps of three to five shoots.

5) Then divide the plant by pulling on its strongest stems

6) If the soil is too hard to be divided, the roots prevent you from cutting the soil, use a soil knife to help you.

Source : Ryan Benyi

7) For smaller plants with six to ten stems, place a soil knife between the separated stems and saw straight down through the thick, fleshy roots. Continue cutting all the way through the root ball. Divide the roots until the clumps separate.

Source : Ryan Benyi

8) Gently shake the roots to eliminate the soil. Plant each root ball, and backfill with soil mixed with a root-promoting fertilizer, watering as you go. Water every two or three days for the next two weeks to ensure regrowth.

Source : Ryan Benyi

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