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Here is why you should always put a coffee filter in your flowerpots

Here is why you should always put a coffee filter in your flowerpots
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A tip for your plants !

Plants add dynamism to our living spaces. And taking care of a plant is not necessarily difficult, but they are living things and require our time and attention.

Anything that makes caring for plants a bit easier is a plus in our book.

Did you know that coffee filters were very good for your plants? Here's how they help keep your plants healthy !

First reason

They allow water, but not dirt, to drain. Put a coffee filter between the dirt (the nutrients of your plant) and the pot's drainage hole prevents the leakage of the dirt.

When dirt goes through the hole with water, the hole in the pot can become clogged, making the flow of water less easy. This can cause root rot, which could kill your plant.

Second reason

They give plants maximum space to grow. Plants need enough soil and space to spread their roots and draw water. The coffee filters are superior to using gravel because the filters allow the plant to have as much soil as possible in the pot.

Third reason

Coffee filters retain moisture. Because the coffee filters are absorbent, they retain the moisture from each watering. Although there is not enough moisture to cause root rot, it can give you a little more time between waterings.

Fourth reason

You can transplant the plants with less mess; when it comes time to transplant your plant, either because they are root-bound, or because you want to change pots for decorative purposes, the coffee filter prevents the dirt from spilling everywhere.

You can keep the same filter when you put your plant in its new pot. That's why coffee filters are perfect for plants !

Other tip: Repair your flower pot

If you have a hole in the bottom of your flower pot, you can place a coffee filter. This will allow the excess water to seep through while keeping the soil in place.

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Source: Apartment Therapy · Photo Credit: Apartment Therapy

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