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Here's an easy way to wrap your gifts with a particular shape

Here's an easy way to wrap your gifts with a particular shape
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The holiday season is already here and perhaps you have started your shopping for Christmas.

If some people have their gifts wraped by professionals, you may not have the time if you buy your gifts at the last minute.

Who has never had problems trying to wrap an oddly shaped gift?

The TipHero website has listed an easy tip. Originally published by the Oprah Winfrey Network, even your oddly shaped gifts will be wraped in the prettiest way possible!


- Wrapping paper

- Twine

- Scotch tape

- Tissue paper

- Ribbon

- Scissors

After choosing the paper in which you want to wrap your gift, take a long piece of twine.

Measure precisely the size of your gift using your twine and cut the wrapping paper to the right size.

If your gift is fragile, be sure to stuff all the corners with tissue paper to avoid breaking it.



Put the gift in the middle of the wrapping paper and fold the corners of the paper towards the center. Then secure with tape.


Remove your gift from the wrapping paper.

Press paper flat on each sides.

Fold corners on one side of the wrapping paper.

Create the base of your gift package and secure with tape.


Put your gift back in the wrapping paper and cut off the excess paper on the top.

Once you have secured your gift package with tape, you can add the ribbon.


Watch all the steps in this video:

Source: · Photo Credit: OWN

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