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Here's how to keep you glasses clean more longer.

Here's how to keep you glasses clean more longer.
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Personally, I wear glasses and I hate that! In winter, they fog up, when I cook, they are covered with grease and tomato sauce ... In short, they are always dirty! But I found this trick that allows me to clean them less often, because the dirt adheres less easily on glasses. It's very simple, you'll see ...

  • Wet the ophtalmic lenses of your glasses with water.
  • Put a drop of dish soap on your thumb and forefinger and spread it on both sides of the the ophtalmic lenses.
  • Rub gently, then rinse thoroughly with clear water.
  • In a small spray bottle, mix one part water with one part vinegar.
  • Spray the vinegared water on the glasses, then wipe with a clean, dry microfiber cloth.

There you go!

Source: comment economiser · Photo Credit: Fotolia

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