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Here's how to vacuum food without a machine or vacuum sealer!

Here's how to vacuum food without a machine or vacuum sealer!
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Methods of preservation and packaging are constantly changing from drying, salting, fermentation to preservation by heat, by cold - there is too many!

But in this area, the best method remains the sealed preservation under vacuum. Getting rid of the oxygen, in order to obtain a tight and sterile environment will prevent the proliferation of bacteria.

This means that the product will keep longer in the fridge or freezer, while being protected from external contamination.

This process was first adopted by the food industry, but it is now accessible to everyone at home, thanks to vacuum machines or sealing machines. But don't worry, you don’t need expensive machines, with this trick you can seal at home without any equipment.

You want to try? Here's how!

1. Prepare a zipped freezer bag (Ziploc) and a large bowl of very cool water.

2. Place the food to be stored (fruit, meat, sauce, etc.) in the Ziploc bag.

3. Close the bag but leave a 2 cm (1 inch) opening.

4. Immerse the bag gradually in the basin of very cold water (do not hesitate to add ice cubes if necessary).

Photo: YouTube - SmartLife

The more you plunge the bag, the more the air will be forced out by the water pressure and evacuated through the opening left in the bag. This will make the bag stick to the food it contains.

5. Before the bag is completely immersed in water, you must squeezed it with your hands to expel the remaining air. Then close it tightly, being very careful that no drop of water gets into the bag!

Photo: YouTube - SmartLife

Thanks to this sealing method which does not require a machine or vacuum cleaner, you will be able to keep your food longer, while saving space in the freezer. Defrosting will also be easier! Food will retain its freshness, color and taste.

See the method on video:

Source: Guide Astuces · Photo Credit: Adobe Stock

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