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Here's why it's smart to put a sock on your vacuum cleaner.

Here's why it's smart to put a sock on your vacuum cleaner.
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For tiny objects

Size does not matter. We all have small items: earrings, sentimental ring, important LEGO piece, a single tiny screw that apparently is supposed to hold your entire IKEA table together, that, if lost, would bring about certain ruin. Do you know what I mean ? The kind of small things we all have.

OK I exaggerate a bit but, we often lose time trying to find these tiny objects, they are so important, and when we have the misfortune to lose them in a shaggy rug or under the sofa.

There is one thing to remember

You may not need this tip today but it's good to remember ! You do not want your dog chewing by mistake a small earring fell in the carpet !

A very simple tip

The next time you lose something small in a shaggy rug, under the sofa or deep in the air vent, grab your vacuum and a pantyhose (or thin socks) and get to work.

How many times have I lost a screw or a screwdriver by installing a light fixture just above a shaggy rug in my living room ! I spent hours trying to find them with my hands ! I will never make the same mistake again !

Here's how!

Take the pantyhose (or thin socks) and slide one foot over the end of your vacuum's hose attachment, securing it firmly with a rubber band or rope or whatever similar thing you might have on hand, to secure the pantyhose on the vacuum cleaner.

Turn the vacuum on and point your tights-protected hose in the general area of where you think the lost thing might be. After a few minutes (or probably just a few seconds) of blindly waving it around, you should quickly find the object. Turn the vacuum off when you have removed your object from the vacuum cleaner. It's simple but it works !

Simple but effective

Stop looking for your tiny things lost in a shaggy rug, under the sofa or deep in the abyss of a floor air vent or places like these ! Next time grab your vacuum and a pair of tights, it's so convenient to find all kinds of small objects! Hope you'll remember this tip next time !

Source: Apartement Therapy · Photo Credit: Apartment Therapy

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