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Here's why many gardeners swear by Irish Spring soap

Here's why many gardeners swear by Irish Spring soap
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Humans must learn to live with wildlife, it's a fact. But sometimes, cohabitation can be difficult and it is preferable that everyone stays on its own territory.

If you live in a rural area or near a wooded area, your garden is probably being ravaged by squirrels, deer, and other wild animals.

Although it is nice to have these animals close to you, they tend to destroy the gardens and other plants that we work hard on throughout the year.

However, to keep these animals away, it is not necessary to resort to cruel traps or harsh chemicals. All you need is some . . . Irish Spring soap !

You may be wondering how green soap can help you in the garden ! But this is not a joke . . .

Here is what you need to 'inform' deer and other wildlife animals that they need to stay away from your flowers and vegetables :

- 12 bars of Irish Spring soap

- 1 knife

- 6 mesh bags or pieces of cheese cloth (or old nylon stocking)

- 6 wooden stakes

- 1 stapler

How to proceed :

  1. With the knife, carefully cut the soap into small pieces.

source : Relay Hero

2. Fill each mesh bags or pieces of cheese cloth with the pieces of soap.

3. Tie the bags to the wooden stakes with the stapler.

source : Trial and Style

You want the stakes to form a sort of perimeter or barrier around your garden or whatever vegetation you are aiming to protect.

That's it ! Small and big animals should stay away from your plants.

It is an economical method, and it is not dangerous for the animals.

Why does it work ? Simply because the animals hate the smell of Irish Spring soap! (Proof : you never find animals in your shower ! Ha ! Ha ! )

Keep in mind that this soap keeps mammals away, but not insects, according to some people. But opinions are divided, so watch carefully what happens in your garden to make your own conclusion !

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