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Here's why you should always sleep in a cold room.

Here's why you should always sleep in a cold room.
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Sleeping is an activity that all humans must do - but everyone has their own preferences! Sadly, many people struggle in having good quality sleep. Here are some interesting facts about the temperature your bedroom should be, it might help you get that well-deserved rest!

1. Helps look youthful and stay fresh

A lower temperature promotes the production of an hormone called melatonin or the “sleep hormone.” It is has antioxidant properties therefore helps the body stay fresh and serves as anti-aging!

2. Prevents Insomnia

Studies have shown that several forms of insomnia are associated with a higher body temperatures. It seems like some people have difficulty regulating their body temperature hence their ability to lose heat. If you sleep in a cooler room, you will help your body cool down and induce sleep.  

3. Helps reduce stress

More studies have found a link between high temperature and stress. Cortisol are "stress hormones" present in the human body, with a cooler room you might be able to keep them in check and have a better night of sleep. 

4. Decreases diseases risk 

A cooler room can improve the growth hormone that is responsible to lower heart disease, depression and obesity. It can also help prevent metabolic diseases such as diabetes. 

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5. Better overall sleep 

Deep sleep is essential for the body so it can perform tasks such as cellular repairs and memory consolidation. However, an increase of body temperature might wake one up from deep such which is why sleeping in a cool room allows a deeper and uninterrupted sleep. 

 6. Prevents yeast infections

It is well known that bacteria and fungi thrive in warm and moist environments. By keeping the room cooler at night, it can help women prevent yeast infections overnight.

7. Improves male fertility

Studies show that prolonged exposure to heat might negatively affect male fertility. Men should sleep in a cold room and wear loose underwear, especially if they are planning on having a baby soon!

8. Helps weight loss

Eating healthy, exercise and sleep are all important elements in weight loss. In fact, sleeping in a cooler room can even improve your body's metabolism and help burn calories. 

9. Relieves pain and inflammation

Athletes prefer to sleep in a cooler room as it has a soothing effect that helps with pain and inflammation! It is the same idea of putting ice or a cold compress on an inflamed part of your body.

But the real question remains, do you prefer to sleep in a cold or warm room? 

Source: Bright Side · Photo Credit: Adobe Stock

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