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His neighbors thought he was crazy doing that, but when they saw the result, they found that his project was fantastic!

His neighbors thought he was crazy doing that, but when they saw the result, they found that his project was fantastic!
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An original project !

There are people who have good ideas and who like challenges. Stefan Beese, an architect from New Orleans in the United States, is one of them.

He wanted a contemporary swimming-pool with a modern style in his garden, without buying an existing swimming-pool model.

He really wanted to build a swimming-pool different from the others, so our architect found a way to build a swimming-pool with a truck trailer !

Come discover his project image by image !

First step
Our architect bought an old truck trailer and had a hole dug in the ground, but not as deep as we might think.

Second step

It was then necessary to buy a tarp large enough to cover the bottom of the truck trailer. Seeing Stefan's smile, everything is going well !

Third step

It was necessary to cover the edge of the pool to forget that it was actually a truck trailer. It's beginning to look like a swimming-pool !

Fourth step

Now the edges of the pool are covered. The wood has been painted and there is even a space that can be used as a deck. The pool is 1.50m deep and 6.7m long by 2.1m wide. Before installing the pool liner, Stefan applied an anticorrosive paint, the same used for a roof or cement. He also installed insulating panels for the outline of the swimming-pool.

A place to sit

The most beautiful thing in all that, is that there is a small stair to sit down; very practical with young children.


The filter, lights and other components of the pool, are the same as for a standard pool.

Engine installation

Stefan had the brilliant idea of hiding the pool filter and the other hoses to clean it, behind a wooden panel that surrounds the pool.

An original project !

What do you think of this original project ? This unique swimming pool costs about $ 7,000. We imagine that the truck trailer, the wood, the pool liner and the filter have made this project quite expensive but we must admit that this pool is unique, right ?

Would you like to have a swimming pool like this ? Feel free to leave me your impressions.

Source: Des idées · Photo Credit: Des idées

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