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How often should you wash and change your bed sheets?

How often should you wash and change your bed sheets?
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Everybody knows that we should change our bed sheets regularly to prevent bacteria from growing in there. But what is the ideal frequency?

Even if you take a shower every night, bacteria and germs multiply in your bedding, it's simply inevitable.

So when should you change the sheets you slip into every night? According to a study that was carried out in the UK in 2014, 1/3 of those polled washed their sheets every week, 35% every two weeks, 8% every three weeks and 10% every month. The others allowed up to two months to pass before washing them... How often do you change yours?

But what are the recommendations of health professionals?

Sheets must be washed regularly to destroy bacteria.

To know how often to do it, you must first study our lifestyle. Sleeping alone in your pajamas is not the same as sleeping naked - or with a partner. If you shower in the evening and sleep in your pajamas, it is  recommend that you change your sheets every two weeks. On the other hand, if you like to shower in the morning, you are advised rather to wash your sheets weekly.

Washing your sheets regularly kills bacteria. Many people do not realize the number of microbes that proliferate in dirty bedding! Simply think about the fact that most of us sweat almost a liter of water every night, and that this perspiration provides a favorable environment for mites and germs.

You can find 100,000 to 10,000,000 mites in a mattress! Eww!

Dust mites feed on dead surface cells (also called dander) that are lost every day, especially at night. According to Dr. Stéphane Gayet, “The dead skin that comes off from each individual every day (1 mg) can feed several thousand mites for months: this fact allows us to understand their phenomenal proliferation. So when conditions are optimal, there can be several million people in a mattress. ”

According to estimates from America’s Environment Health and Safety Online, there may be 100,000 to 10 million mites in mattresses. Changing the sheets on a regular basis therefore appears to be a priority, especially in summer. Besides the presence of these microbes can be at the origin of certain diseases like asthma, rhinitis, allergies or eczema.

At what temperature should you wash the sheets?

To effectively wash your bedding, you must know the ideal temperature necessary to make these thousands of mites disappear. From 60°C you can get rid of these microbes. Cotton sheets are preferred, because this material does not promote perspiration. Also make sure to sleep in a rather cool and dry environment; mites love heat and humidity!

Last tip: Buy dust mite covers to wrap your duvets, mattresses and pillow cases. They prevent infiltration of mites and their droppings.

Bringing a duvet to the cleaner each year is not enough, as most duvet cleaning is done dry and this method does not kill the mites. If you use anti-mite covers, you just need to wash them at the same time as your sheets and your duvet will stay clean.

Now, we hope you sleep well in comfortable and clean bedding!

Source: Passeport Sante · Photo Credit: Adobe Stock

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