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How often should you wash underwear, jeans, sheets, and other fabric items?

How often should you wash underwear, jeans, sheets, and other fabric items?
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Should we wash every piece of clothing or other fabrics, such as sheets, after each use or not? Opinions differ depending on our education and experiences.

It seems that in the world of textiles, not everything requires the same treatment. So here is how often you should be doing laundry!


It is safe to wear the same bra for 2 or 3 days. However, in order not to overdo it on the elastic pieces, it is better to give it a day off before wearing it again.

However, for a sports bra, it should be washed directly to the machine after each use.

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Bath towels 

Before using a towel again, it must be completely dry. After the shower, simply hang it up to dry it and change it after 4 or 5 uses. 

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You can wear the same PJ for 3 or 4 nights. If you take a shower right before going to bed, you can wear it twice more!

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If you wash jeans too often, they will deteriorate faster. So, it is suggested washing it after 5 to 6 uses. If the jeans are stained in one place, just clean the stain at home instead of systematically putting them in the washer. 

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Dresses and skirts 

You should treat skirts like pants. You don't have to wash them systematically after wearing it once.

You can put on a skirt 5 to 6 times before washing it, if it is not stained.

As for the dresses, it is better to wash them a little more often. Especially the summer dresses, in which you will most likely sweat. Wash them after 1 to 3 uses. In winter, you can stretch a little more!

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Who doesn't love to sleep in clean sheets that smell fresh, but we all tend to be a bit lazy when it comes to changing the bedding. But to avoid a build-up of dead skin, sweat smells and an overgrowth of dust mites, it is suggested to wash the sheets at least once a week and the duvets once a month.

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There you go!

Happy laundry! Do you wash these items more or less often? 

Source: Recette Marocaine · Photo Credit: Adobe Stock

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