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How often should you wash your bra?

How often should you wash your bra?
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Let's be honest, we women, do not wash our bra twice a week ...

But what about the cleaning frequency recommended by the experts? The Tip Hero website has done some research ...


Salesmen from Rigby & Peller, a UK lingerie store, met the Huffington Post. In the field of bras for 75 years, these guys know a lot about it!

The director of one of the chain's stores in New York, Candece Etafo, gave a lot of information about the frequency and the cleanling of this garment that we wear almost every day.

So, the store recommends washing your clothes after three uses and alternating models at least three times in between ... How many of you sincerely wash their bras as frequently?

"You stretch them. Would you do that to your favorite pair of shoes? Your favorite jeans? No", she explained.


Now that you know how often to wash them, here is how to maintain them.

Even if there are several "laundry detergents", no need to pay a fortune.

The Racked website reports that the best way is to wash them by hand. You dilute some ordinary detergent in cold water and gently wash your bras. Once clean, simply hang them to dry.

For the laziest, just insert them into a mesh lingerie bag and put it into the washing machine, but set the cycle for delicate clothing.

The washing process of bra already seems a little less complex, isn't it?

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