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How to easily create a safe busy board for children

How to easily create a safe busy board for children
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Children touch everything! It's normal, they're curious and it's their way to learn. And to forbid them to touch everything is not good for them either. So offer them a board that includes all the stuff they love to touch and which attract them so much, but they will be allowed to touch these things only if you are here! They will be able to learn how to use some accessories that are part of the house and touch some materials that contributes to your child's sensory development. Like bubble wrap, sponges and velvet ... These textures are interesting and children like to touch them, so let them have fun!

You will need:

- A pegboard

- Zip ties

- Eye bolts

- Wooden picture frames

- Velcro

And here is a list of some accessories that you will be able to fix on the busy board for children:

- A new mop

- A new sponge

- A piece of carpet

- Two small paint rollers

- A cuddly toy with a hook

- Bubble wrap

- Various fabrics with different textures

- A caster

- A bell

- A doorbell

- A door handle

- A battery operated light

- Lego blocks

- A chain to lock a door

- A door latch

- A door hinge

- A padlock

How to do:

1) Use picture frames to frame all the materials that baby will like to touch such as mop, sponge, paint rollers and piece of carpet and attach the velcro to the pegboard.

2) Use zip ties to secure all accessories that have holes

3) Use the eye bolts to hang all the accessories that can not be fixed by the Velcro or the zip ties


If your pegboard is not big enough to have 6 wooden frames with different materials, makeframes with two sides:

You will need:

- Wooden frames from Dollar stores (at least 6)

- Acrylic paint

- Acrylic varnish

- A hot glue gun

- Velcro

- A new mop

- A new sponge

- A piece of carpet

- Two small paint rollers

- Bubble wrap

- Velvet

How to do:

1) Apply the color of your choice on wooden frames

2) Apply 2 coats of acrylic varnish to protect the paint

3) Glue the textures on each wooden frame

4) Then glue the wooden frames together

5) Then stick Velcro strips on the frames

6) Then, stick velcro strips on the pegboard too.

7) You can change the side of the frames to surprise your child!

On video:

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