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How to grow roses from cuttings?

How to grow roses from cuttings?
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You may receive roses for Valentine's Day? Before you throw the faded roses in the trash, try this! Try to grow roses with the stems of roses and potatoes in pots!

You will need:

-A rose stem (roses from the supermarket may not work ...)

-A pot


-A potato (it will be used as fertilizer)

-Drill bit

-A plastic bottle



How to do:

1) Cut the stems of roses and insert them in the potatoes, using a drill bit

2) Plant the potato in the pot filled with dirt

3) Cut the top of a plastic bottle and use it like a "greenhouse", with its cap

4) Keep the dirt moist, but not soggy

5) After a while, you will see that the potato has sprouted, but continue to maintain it, the stem will also grow

6) Then you will have a pretty rosebush

NOTE: We can also grow Hibiscus with the same method.

Potatoes are used as fertilizer for cuttings.

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