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How to make a faux fireplace out of cardboard boxes.

How to make a faux fireplace out of cardboard boxes.
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Living in a rental or small space can be quite challenging. Especially when comes the holiday and the need of decorating! A fireplace brings something really special to a home. If your place didn't come with one, there is still hope!

You could make your own fireplace with all the cardboard boxes from your online purchases! The idea might sounds silly at first, but the result is actually very impressive! And after all, Santa needs a chimney to deliver the gifts!


  • Cardboard Boxes
  • Tape (Duct Tape or Packaging Tape) 
  • Adhesive tiles (preferably that look like brick)


  1. You will first need to arrange your empty boxes in a shape of a chimney. Secure with tape and ensure the structure is sturdy.
    Facebook - Mary Córdova
  2. Once you have the base of the fireplace you can start placing the adhesive tiles over the boxes. Make sure to cover all sides.
    Facebook - Mary Córdova
  3. You now have a faux fireplace! 
Facebook - Mary Córdova

Here's a different style of fireplace to inspire you! 

You can pick different style or colors of adhesive tiles for a totally different look! 

It really depends of your preference and home decor. And we bet the pets will love it too!

What do you think of this idea? It could be a great way to reuse some of your cardboard boxes! You can also ask the kids for a hand, they will love it!

Will you be trying it? 

Source: Totally The Bomb · Photo Credit: Facebook - Mary Córdova

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