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How to make giant light balls to decorate the exterior!

How to make giant light balls to decorate the exterior!
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Do you want to "wow" the whole street this year? Yes, Yes! Because this decoration will be seen from across the street!

Or imagine if several houses on the same street decorated like this for Christmas! That would be magical! 

Look at these beautiful giant light balls! Aren't they beautiful? And you can make them yourself! Here's how. 



  • Chicken Wire
  • Cutting pliers
  • A good pair of gloves
  • LED lights (or any type of Christmas lights)
  • Self-locking fasteners
  • Ribbons (optional) 


  1. Determine the size of the ball you want by taking your measurements
  2. Cut the wire with a good pair of wire cutters and make sure to wear your gloves. 
  3. Form a cylinder with the wire and secure with any remaining wire. 
  4. Make sure the cylinder is secure by using self-locking clips. 
  5. Fix the end of the string of lights on the chicken wire.
  6. Then go around the ball and use self-locking ties as needed

 Here's a tutorial video to help you!


Will you be trying this DIY? We all have some extra time this year! 

Source: Houzz · Photo Credit: Houzz

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