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How to properly disinfect your home during a pandemic (or not).

How to properly disinfect your home during a pandemic (or not).
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As everyone knows by now, we are in a pandemic and most people wash and sanitize their hands. But what about our homes, which we occupy almost 27/7 these days? This social isolation can lead us to wonder about the presence of germs in our own homes.

Door handles, remote controls, toilets, etc. Everything can be a breeding ground for bacteria! Thinking about all this is making us want to disinfect the house from top to bottom!

First, you should know that there is a difference between disinfecting and simply cleaning the house. Cleaning refers more to the maintenance of dust and dirt on the surface, not so much to the elimination of bacteria.

In these difficult times, you may want to clean up more drastically than usual.

Cleaning is important because it kills a certain amount of pathogenic microorganisms on a surface. But when you want to kill all of these microorganisms, you have to do a bit more work. 


That being said, when you disinfect a surface, don't be surprised if it doesn't really look clean. Disinfect is really only to kill germs! This usually means that you have to clean the surface before disinfecting.

You will need a multi-surface disinfectant, which you can buy at most stores. It can be in the form of a spray or in wipes. If it is a spray bottle, its use is simple: just apply it on the area to be disinfected.

Don't be afraid to use too much product (which is better than not enough!). Then let it sit on the surface for about 3-5 minutes. Sure, it can irritate impatient people, but it gives the disinfectant enough time to find and kill bacteria.

A fairly common misconception is that you should spray and wipe off as quickly as possible. However, when you do this, you are not giving the disinfectant a chance to reach the bacteria, and that is a total waste. This is the reason why Clorox or Lysol wipes come out of the container when wet.

Even in the absence of a pandemic, we should regularly disinfect areas of our homes. This is among other things necessary after and before preparing meat (disinfect your cutting board, knives, sink, etc.), when family members are sick or if you receive someone who has weaknesses of the immune system.

Consider disinfecting areas that people regularly touch, such as light switches, door handles, keyboards, phones, remote controls, household appliance buttons, etc.

Steam engines would also be efficient and are useful for disinfecting bigger things such as a mattress, for example.

To learn more about how to properly sanitize your home, here is a video from expert Melissa Maker.

Source: Tip Hero · Photo Credit: Adobe Stock

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