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How to quickly repair a broken zipper.

How to quickly repair a broken zipper.
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We've all had a broken zipper or one that didn't want to close anymore. In these moments, either we throw the garment, or we change the whole zipper. But there is an easier way! This trick works and anyone can do it!

Here is a technique for replacing the slider that came out of a zipper. 

1. Make a tiny cut with the scissors, between 2 metal "teeth", in the lowest part of the slide.

2. Use that cut to thread the zipper back into the slider and bring it up to the top of the zipper.

3. Sew a stitch just above the cut part. This stitching point acts as a locking point so that the slider does not slip out.

Thus, you will be able to wear your pants again without having to change the zipper!

For extra help, take a look at the picture below - it explains it all! 


Genius, isn't it?

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Source: Guide Astuces · Photo Credit: Pinterest

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